Historical Works by Jayme A. Sokolow

Historical Works

Dr. Sokolow has published articles on American and European social, intellectual, and cultural history. He has also published four books on American and New World history. Browse Dr. Sokolow’s books below.

Eros and Modernization (1984)  Cited in TheAtlantic  

Eros and Modernization examines the social and intellectual changes that produced new attitudes about sexuality and health reform in antebellum America. It focuses on Sylvester Graham and a loose alliance of health reformers who advocated better health habits and a stricter sexual morality in response to the rapid transformation of American society.

The Great Encounter (2003)

The Great Encounter puts the stories of native peoples and their encounters with Europeans at the center of New World history, where they belong. A new perspective emerges in which indigenous peoples become vibrant and vitally important components of the British, Spanish, and Portuguese empires and the shaping of the colonial world in the Western hemisphere.

The North American Phalanx (2009)

This is the first full-length study of one of the most important utopian communities in antebellum America, the North American Phalanx outside Freehold, New Jersey. It examines how these American followers of the French philosopher Charles Fourier developed a vibrant, principled enterprise that followed the tenets of American Fourierism more closely and successfully than any other communitarian experiment.

Size Matters (2017)

This is the first full-length study of the history of heights in America from approximately 3300 BCE to the present. Using a wide variety of quantitative and other sources, this book links height, health, and incomes in American history for many different kinds of Americans – Indians, colonial apprentices, Civil War soldiers, slaves, industrial workers, immigrant children, women, prisoners, and military personnel.